Making a better tasty hummus

Making a better tasty hummus

Who doesn’t love dippings? Dippings go with everything. They add an extra flavor to our beloved food. That is why you need to incorporate them in your cookout if you don’t already.

Our recipe today is a DIY  Hummus dipping sauce. It usually goes with oriental food, but it can be used with so many different options such as:

  • A dish of healthy veggies: carrots, broccoli, steamed potatoes, oven-fried sweet potatoes….
  • All kind of chips: tortilla chips, Naan Bread, potato chips…..
  • With all kind of BBQ.

The sky is the limit, unleash your creative cooking mind.

Believe me when I say that this recipe is very easy to make, seriously a piece of cake! That you will start making it very often to go with your main dishes as well as your snacks.

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