Energy boosting Buttered Chai Latte

Energy boosting Buttered  Chai Latte

Have you ever tested the “buttered Chai Latte”? No? well, you are missing out  A LOT!!! Don’t worry it’s your lucky DAY; I will spill out the secret recipe for the most hot spicy savory buttered chai latte EVER.

This should be your GO-TO drink in winter to survive the boring dull mornings, to start your day with energy and a good attitude.  Also because it contains healthy saturated fats to keep you full and prevent you from any substantial snack between your meals to avoid any unwanted weight. (you are welcome).

The addition I choiced to add to our beloved Chai Latte is the one & only “COLLAGEN”. Collagen helps in gaining skin elasticity, strengthens hair, nails, reduces wrinkles, promotes a better digestive system, it is highly recommended to consume Collagen in order to improve the overall health issues. Collagen is simply the GLUE that hold our bodies together.

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