Turmeric – The Gold Standard of Spices

Turmeric is a very famous spice with Indian origins. It is used in curries and is a very useful spice because of its immense benefits. For thousands of years, it has been used as a cure for all sort of ailments and diseases. Turmeric contains an ingredient known as curcumin; a very important component of turmeric. Besides the vibrant yellow colors, the curcumin component of turmeric is the main reason turmeric is so popular and used as a health supplement.

Herbalists and Ayurveda medicine have used turmeric curcumin for centuries and for generations, turmeric curcumin has been used as spice as well as medicine.

With advancement in science and a better understanding of the curcumin component in turmeric, researchers and scientists have been able to find ways to make it work better through absorption and penetration through the lipid membranes.

This is a very bright picture of turmeric curcumin, but there is a twist, turmeric usage in some cases can be problematic as well. Though the list is not so long still there is a dark side of turmeric which needs to discover;

Can Cause Diarrhea

Turmeric is very strong in its nature; it directly affects the stomach and causes diarrhea if we use it on a daily basis for a long time. It is a very interesting fact it is used in stomach ulcer treatment, but if we use it for a long time, it can cause ulcer as well.

Skin Allergies

High dosage of turmeric can cause skin irritations and allergies, to avoid such allergies you need to take care of the dosage and try to use for a few days.


Pregnant female should be very vigilant while using a turmeric curcumin supplement as it can cause bleeding due to its nature. Its usage can increase the bleeding rate, and it is not recommended before surgery at least you should stop its intake a few weeks before your surgery.

It’s React with Some Other Medicines

The main problem with turmeric curcumin is if we take its supplement with some other pain relievers like aspirin or blood pressure tablets it will interact with these medicines and reduce clotting.

Kidney Stones

Due to the presence of oxalate, turmeric is highly prone to produce kidney stones. When the usage is excessive there is possibility occurs that the excessive usage can produce stone in the kidney which can be hazardous for the health.

Commercial Turmeric

Commercial turmeric is often mixed with harmful ingredients, just to make extra profit manufacturer mix cheap products in turmeric which definitely will be dangerous for the users and they can have negative impacts. Some manufacturers used food colors in turmeric which can cause cancers. The ingredient which used in turmeric to give color is known as metal, or you can call it acid yellow; studies revealed that this is the product which can damage the nervous system and cause cancer if used in a large amount.

Measures To Know Quality of Turmeric

Turmeric Curcumin

There is a need to define a proper mechanism to check the food quality on every level; the labels on the food products showed very impressive ingredients but have you checked those ingredients? In grinding form, you cannot imagine what is mixed in it? There is a need to get chemical analysis of these powders, or you need to choose the best and renowned agency which can assure you of the ingredient used in it.

There are dire needs to have some quality certification, and their seal on the packaging must be mandatory so that consumer may know that what so ever he is taking is certified and checked by the quality assurance department.

There must be some strict punishments announced for the manufactures whose product not meet the standards, as the health of a human being must be a priority of the government and only such departments can assure this.

What Be Will The Intake Quantity Of The Turmeric For Safe Usage?

There is a question that if the high dosage of turmeric is a problematic sign for health so how much its intake is good for health?

Infact everybody is a separate body and its functioning and sensitivity is different. It is not possible that if someone is allergic from turmeric after four-day usage same implement on my own body, maybe I can take its benefit for a long time with no side effects.

But if we talk about the usage of supplements it has clear instruction on its label, these instructions made after so many experiments and pharmacist-only write the negative cases as precautions so we may know about that if we will cross the limit then what would be the effect on our body. So you need to know about the dosage so that you will remain in the same limit.

There are some other guidelines given by WHO officials; they have clearly mentioned that only 3mg per kg of body weight needs to be consumed on a daily basis. It means you can take almost 3000 till 8000 mg dosage is safe to be in your daily routine.


The other key is moderation if you intake anything in limits or in a moderate way nothing will cause any hazardous risk to your health, but the access to everything consider as a bad. If you will take turmeric in supplement or in your cuisine, the amount must be in small units so that if it is not matching your system, it may not give you a huge loss. A small amount will react in a minor way so ultimately you may know that you should need to stop its usage. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your system. On the other hand, if you will take the huge amount of supplement and take it in your daily food, then this will attack your system directly which can be a dangerous thing for you.