Delicious Banana Apple Porridge

Delicious Banana Apple Porridge

Breakfast should always be the most important meal in your day and the richest.
Undeniably your body is resting during the night and reparing itself. I like to think of the word breakfast as 2 clear words (break-fast), that means your body has been fasting all night long and will need a boost of energy in the morning, if you are used to skip this important meal of the day, you need to stop right now, give your body the energy it needs throughout the day, with 10 minutes time preparation recipes you can start living healthy and enjoy the boost of energy that a simple thing like a balanced breakfast can give you.

This healthy recipe of banana apple poridge, this healthy porridge has has a dual of grain like broken wheat and oats as well as fruits for energy and and milk and all it’s perfectly blended with all the nutritients to make it a perfect one in all breakfast option.

Addition: This recipe can be made with any combination of fruits that you readily have, please note that the apples should not be peeled as it is the core value of the healthy benefit an apple can give.
So the next time that you are thinking about throwing that peel in trash, reconsider the choice again.

Serve this porridge to your loved ones as a combination of one in all healthy and sweet breakfast that will surely give them a boost of energy.

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